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Lindsay Lohan Destroyed a $1,750 Loaner Gown, Probably As a Favor

A couple weeks of ago, Lindsay Lohan appeared on the amfAR "black" carpet looking fresh-faced and glamorous. She kept her makeup light and her long red hair loose, but most importantly, she wore a slinky sparkly Theia gown which perfectly matched the glimmer of hope I get whenever I see Lindsay appear to be functioning. 

Unfortunately, the actress (I can call her that, right?) decided to take the night in a different direction and crush (should be "take a scissor to" but I can't) my dreams.

According to Us Weekly, Lindsay's gown was actually a loaner and she destroyed it, re-hemming it with a mullet-style skirt (pictured below). She claims the alteration was the necessary byproduct of an accident: she ripped the dress at a club following the fundraiser but "couldn't possibly wear it like that," so she borrowed scissors from a bouncer and showed off those mad skills she developed during her Ungaro days

The dress retails for $1,750, so yeah: she wouldn't exactly make the world's best Rent the Runway customer, but in the end, Lindsay did Theia a favor (kinda) with all this free publicity. And I bet the dress could auction for double its original worth, if this is too big of a loss for the label to swallow.

Also she did the world a favor by finally laying the mullet skirt to rest. IT'S DEAD. The tombstone:


Images via WENN, UsWeekly