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Leandra Medine Finished That Book of Essays

A few hours ago, Leandra Medine Instagrammed a shot of her computer screen open to the Word doc title page of her upcoming book of essays, which is apparently called Man Repeller: Seeking Love. Finding Overalls.

The picture was captioned, "It's done! It's done! It's done! It's done! It's done!" Medine was not, I believe, talking about a cake. 

In July 2012, The Business of Fashion reported that the blogger behind the popular site, Man Repeller, was working on a book that would be published in September 2013 by Grand Central Publishing. “It’s based on the notion that the female memory is so driven by fashion," she said at the time. "I can tell you exactly what I was wearing when I met my husband, when he first broke up with me, when we got back together.”

Medine has broad fashion industry support, a passionate fanbase and a sick title. And now, thanks to my mad Photoshop skillz (above), she also has a killer cover for her book. That thing is gonna fly off the shelves. 

Images via Instagram, WENN