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Zooey Deschanel Cut Her Signature Hair, Seems Sad [UPDATE: Maybe Not]

Who was that person walking around in Zooey Deschanel's body last night at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party? There's good reason to suspect that the New Girl actress has been posessed by someone who hates bangs and signature shoulder-length hair, because the human formerly known as Zooey Deschanel looks so sad to have bobbed hair and be bangs-less. This is going to have huge implications for the world of bangs.

Image via WENN

[UPDATE: Zooey Deschanel appeared on Conan last night with her hair looking normal: long, voluminous, be-banged. Something's not right, and we believe that something is either an evil twin, a Cylon clone or a faux bob. A faux bob! There's no way. Only if Zooey's favorite beauty product is called "magic."]