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I Bet You’ll Like Derek Lam’s Kohl’s Collection

Sometimes well-known high-end designers do this thing called a "capsule collection" of special, limited-edition pieces for a mass retailer, commonly priced far below their main label. The phenomenon has taken off in the past few years, pioneered by companies like Target and H&M.

I try to avoid paying attention to designer collaborations, because there's a new one being announced like, every second, and many of these lower-priced lines suffer from serious quality control issues made worse by the overblown hype. But I have it on good authority that Derek Lam's collection for Kohl's does the mass retailer collab thing right: items are unlined but made with "nice silky/rayon material."

Inspired by Rio de Janeiro, these pieces are versatile, original and stylish. I can see women of different body types, ages and aesthetic points of view wearing Lam's Kohl's collection and looking good. Also there's a jumpsuit which I could spend an entire season living in. 

The price point here is higher than what you might expect from the department store, with pieces retailing from $36 – $88. The collection will be available at Kohl's and on in April. 

Images vai Kohl's