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Link Buzz: Behind-the-Scenes with Jennifer Lawrence at Dior; Brow Powder Is a Thing Now

  • Here's behind-the-scenes footage from Jennifer Lawrence's Dior campaign, just in case you feel lovefesty. [StyleBakeryTeen]

  • If you want your feet to feel softer / look prettier, then by all means click through. [BellaSugar]

  • Still haven't figured out how to mix prints? It's like this: you wear one kind of print with another kind of print, but look in the mirror before you leave the house to make sure you don't look insane. [FabSugar]

  • Trussardi has a new creative director which is what happens to fashion brands when they don't have a creative director.


  • If you still haven't seen Lena Dunham's Rolling Stone cover, there's a whole Internet out there. [DailyStab]

  • Anderson Cooper defends Anne Hathaway because yeah, people hate her so much it's kind of creepy. [Earsucker]

  • If you aren't powdering your brows um, yeah neither am I! [SheFinds]