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What’s Missing from Paris Fashion Week? The Answer’s in This Vintage Dior Fashion Video

Wanted to post this blast-from-the-past-y video of Christian Dior's 1969 "Fur Fashion Show" in London [via Fashin].

Yes, for many people, it seems both unethical and disgusting to drape your body in 25 pounds of dead chinchilla (and it's hard to imagine a normal non-heiress type person wearing something like this today in earnest, without getting grossed out), but this was a long time ago (I know even vintage fur is controversial for wearing, but maybe watching vintage fur fashion fashion shows can be okay?), and Dior's modern-day fur products are far worse. Like: ew

Anyway, I know designers typically don't want anything to distract from the clothes (why we see so much austere, sameish stomping during fashion week), but this runway show incorporated an usual performance which made the collection's gaudy fur pelts only more appealing. In the words of the narrator in the newsreel below, "It was more like a cabaret than a fashion show, but that's no cause for complaint: It was the most expensively-dressed cabaret of all time!"