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Ruby Rose Sings Blondie, Makes Out and Breathes New Life Into JAG Jeans

I’m not sure how much Ruby Rose’s claim that she loves JAGs because her mum wore them is helping JAG’s reputation as a leading supplier of mum jeans. But dancing around in the said denims while making out with a very attractive man and performing an only slightly cringey rendition of Blondie’s “One Way or Another” is, against all odds, making me want a pair.

The model/presenter/singer/ex-fiance of Catherine McNeil has been tasked with breathing new life into JAG as the face of JAG Bombshell after the brand went into receivership over a year ago. If JAG is trying to speak to a pre-childbirth audience with this move, then they couldn’t have chosen a better face than Ruby’s, which is immediately recognisable and attached to a perfect body that is at all times covered with either a) tattoos or b) designer clothes.

The video filmed to accompany the campaign makes excellent use of Ruby’s place in the upper echelons of youth culture, painting her as a rebellious wild child who makes out with hot guys and looks excellent in slow motion. Let’s all forget about the fact that Ruby is actually an open lesbian and enjoy the show. And then probably go buy some jeans. 

Image: Ruby Rose's Facebook