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Selena Gomez Narrates Her Terry Richardson Shoot for Harper’s Bazaar

"This just how I stand when I feel flirty, fun and relaxed. So like, all the time. I find that putting my hands on my head and sticking my elbows out to the side really lets people know I'm feeling fresh."



"But also I'm a really sensual person. Especially about walls. There's just something about the way they hold up the roof that really gets me going."


"Pool cement can be slippery when wet but it's not wet right now. I wouldn't sit on it if it were wet. It's always really important to keep your shoulders covered up if you burn easily. I don't burn easily but I'm really concerned about aging."

"I am pretending to be scared or surprised or something. Terry Richardson told me to do this and he says this picture is totally [thumbs up] and he's one of the best photographers in the world so I'm sorry if you don't get it."


"Market research shows that young college educated women between the ages of 18-35 can't even tell when a picture's been airbrushed.

This is a really nice parisol, I wish it were real. It would have been nice to hold it."

"Yeah, I can be SUCH a mean girl sometimes, look."


Selena Gomez by Terry Richardson for Harper's Bazaar April 2013, images via the TFS Forums