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Today in Boys: Andreas D. from Elite Copenhagen

"Today in Boys" is a monthly-ish feature showcasing some of the new and noteworthy male models we're discovering in the tFS Forums. I'm doing this because fashion boys are underpaid, underappreciated and underloved. (Ha ha, just kidding: I'm sure they do alright for themselves with regards to "love.")

Here's Andreas D. from Elite Copenhagen. The photos below showed up in the "Hommes" board about two hours ago [via Flashbang] and they were pulled directly from his agency website where Andreas is listed as a "new face." He is apprently brand new, like newborn-baby-new: I couldn't find any other information about him online. But we know this much: he's 6'2" and needs a job. And if you hire him, you'll be doing the world (me) a favor. 

Images via Elite Copenhagen