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Eniko Mihalik’s Mysteriously Disappearing Nipple on Cover of Elle France

Image via TFS Forums

It's snowing big wet snowflakes in New York City, but the worst of winter is probably behind us. Even though it's cold and wet, at least it's March. It can't be February again for a whole year, knock on wood. Over the coming weeks, spring's gonna come creeping and Elle France is all over it. Featuring Hungarian model Eniko Mihalik sunning herself on the kind of blue-watered beach I can only dream of dreaming about in my dreams, the glossy's March 2013 cover is almost excessively summery: there's a giant turquoise statement necklace, sparkling sapphire eyes, wind-blown salty waves and sun-soaked bronzed skin. Is your imagination sipping a mai tai yet? 

Elle France was working so hard to produce the ultimate representation of the perfect summer, they forgot to dress the model in clothes. So many details to remember when you're running a fashion magazine! No matter, they just ran the picture as is (they were like, "After all, ve are French, topless beaches and provocative nudity are our thing!") but airbrushed out Eniko's nipple. They superimposed her now-alien body part with text that hilariously reads, "Summer body right away!" Yes, I've heard about the wonders of Photoshop but never thought I could wear it to the beach.

On another part of the cover, the glossy included some tiny font which identifies Eniko by name and adds these descriptors: "sublime" and "natural." Which would be true, Elle France, if you hadn't airbrushed off her nipple! Nipple nipple nipple. If you're gonna run a photo of a topless woman on the cover of your publication, have the chutzpah to show her nipple. Otherwise, go find a bikini top.

[H/T TFS Forum user HFBvrg]