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Has Street Style Gone Overboard? Dasha Zhukova’s Documentary “Take My Picture” Looks for Answers

The latest contribution to the conversation about fashion bloggers, old guard editors and street style photography comes from Garage Magazine. The publication's editor-in-chief, Russian socialite Dasha Zhukova, and filmmaker Andinh Ha set out to make a short documentary about the so-called "concrete catwalk."

Even though it's never explicitly stated, the film is foregrounded in the debate set off by a recent Suzy Menkes T Magazine piece, The Circus of Fashion, which took issue with the way street style bloggers and well, the whole Internet basically, have contributed to the celebification of fashion and a flashier, outré manner of dressing.

Through a series of interviews with fashion industry people ranging from's Tim Blanks to fashion blog pioneer Susie Bubble, Zhukova and Ha's documentary links the new crop of street style stars to the nineties rise of the supermodel, reality television and Hollywood's turn away from classic glamour. The whole thing is smart and nicely done short but most importantly, Streetpeeper's Phil Oh does his interview while taking a bath, a charming touch. 

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