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Canada Goose Ups the Ante Against Knockoff Parkas

I know that now is not the time to be talking about Canada Goose clothing — please, my parka is already boxed up and ready for a six month basement vacation as we speak — but as winter clothing goes on sale for bargain bin prices this month, it's worth talking about cheap knockoffs.

Not long ago, I posted a story about Canada's counterfeit culture and, to tie in with this, the iconic Canadian manufacturer is launching its own anti-counterfeit measures alongside those recently tabled in Ottawa (see Parliament's Bill-C56 if you want to get your political learning on).

"Canadians have long been victims to the illicit counterfeit trade and the new measures announced today should be welcome news for consumers, businesses and retailers alike," said Kevin Spreekmeester, Vice President of Global Marketing at Canada Goose and Co-Chair of the Canadian Intellectual Property Council in a press release. "The strengthened border measures will play a vital role in protecting jobs for Canadian manufacturers, as well as unsuspecting consumers looking for bargains from those that would do them harm."

"Looking for bargains" is the operative phrase. If you see a slashed price Canada Goose for sale online, there are now ways to check its authenticity:

  • On the Canada Goose website, consumers can enter the URL of any website they believe may be selling counterfeit merchandise, to immediately verify whether or not it is an Authorized Retailer.
  • Every Canada Goose jacket and accessory includes a hologram in its seam as proof of authenticity.
  • Canada Goose continuously works with law enforcement agencies, border protection services and financial institutions around the world, and has hired third-party online brand protection agencies to stop the sales of counterfeit products online.

With all that said, it's also worth remembering that if the price seems too good to be true, it probably is. As a rule, Canada Goose (like Louis Vuitton) never goes on sale, whether it's Boxing Day, the middle of January, or the blistering heat of August. If you're reluctant to spend on the $600+ price tag, you may want to consider some other options like Express (currently trimming 30% off their outerwear) or even the luxe Mackage (offering up to a whopping 50% off some of their last season threads). Let's be honest, hasn't it gotten to the point where everyone is now wearing the same freaking coat?

Image via Canada Goose