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Model Noah Mills Made a Movie About Muscles and Feelings

Do you want to watch an intense short film which features muscular young men shouting at each other because their feelings have become too much to bear? The answer to that question is obviously always, "Yes." 

Written, produced and also starring Noah Mills, Wracked is about what happens when a young man returns home after finishing a five year prison sentence. Directed by Victoria Mahoney and co-starring Alexis Knapp, Wracked looks immensely watchable: there are basketball games, tattoos, sexy baths (!). 

Mills (represented by Wilhelmina Models) has been working as a model for ten years, and he has an impressive body (&) of work behind him. He's walked for Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent, been under contract with Dolce & Gabbana — the typical resume of any legitimately successful male model. He recently shot the Carlo Pazolini campaign (which was posted to the tFS Forums here), had a recurring role on 2 Broke Girls and appeared as the terrible ex-boyfriend (reportedly based on Jake Gyllenhaal) in the music video for Taylor Swift's "We Are Never Getting Back Together." We commonly hear models express the wish to be taken seriously, to be perceived as "more than just a pretty face," but Mills didn't just sit around wishing, he wrote a movie and found a way to make it.

Based on the trailer (below), it looks thoughtful and enjoyable, like it was made by someone who cared a lot. That's the awesomest thing anyone can do, make something and care about it. I like when people do that. And (who am I kidding?) I also really really like shirtless boys. Win win win win, win win. 

Wracked is trying to find a way for you to see it someday so stay, as they say, tuned. And for now, watch the trailer below:

Image via Wracked Facebook