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Jessica Gomes Replaces Miranda Kerr as the Face of David Jones

Jessica GomesThe formidable Aussie power couple comprised of Miranda Kerr and David Jones is no more. Last week the supermodel stepped down from her role as David Jones ambassador as the retail behemoth decided not to renew her $1m contract, handing the reigns to 27-year-old Perth-born stunner Jessica Gomes.

Gomes is relatively unknown outside of fashion circles and the pages of Sports Illustrated, lending some to question the decision. Miranda Kerr has an enormous international profile and lends massive publicity to the DJs brand, while her successor still flies relatively under the radar.  

The Sydney Morning Herald has pegged the switch as being in the name of runway diversity. In a feature that ran last week called 'Faces of Change' Gomes was featured alongside half Aboriginal model Samantha Harris, a long-time David Jones favourite, and half Pakistani-Saudi Shanina Shaik, who made the move from reality television to Vogue Australia. Harris, though, is the only one of the three to carved out a name for herself on our shores – both Shaik and Gomes were forced to pursue careers in New York and Asia after failing to land modelling gigs in Australia. Is David Jones just making up for being a bit late to the party?

On landing the David Jones gig, Gomes told the Herald, “I get Asian girls coming up to me and going, ‘I just look up to you so much. I’m so happy you’re paving the way.’”

Whether this is part of David Jones' quest to remain relevant by developing a taste for multicultural models or whether Gomes evidently has what it takes to fill her predecessor’s superhuman-sized shoes, we’re all for the switch. Are you aware that she likes to throw herself out of planes? God knows, DJs could do with a little fun on the side. 

Image: WENN