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H&M Will Finally Open in Australia Next Year

We halfheartedly clamored for it on Facebook, and we were delivered the most excellent news via Twitter: Social media-savvy Swedish retail behemoth H&M is finally coming to Australia!

The brand announced its imminent descent into our market last Friday with: “We are happy to announce that we will open our first H&M store in Australia, in 2014, stay tuned!”

And that we will, fast fashion neurotics that we are — particularly in light of the fact that H&M is the torchbearer of designer collaboration. The brand has so far rocked the high street (and eBay) marketplace via capsule collections with Versace, Stella McCartney, Marni, Lanvin, Jimmy Choo, Matthew Williamson, Sonia Rykiel and Comme Des Garçons.

Also, Beyoncé.

The first question on everyone’s lips, though, will be whether Sydney or Melbourne gets to have its streets blessed with the giant logo first. Melbourne’s Chadstone shopping centre and Emporium (the latter is set to open late this year) have both been touted as possibilities.

However, Sydney needn’t start sulking yet. Bill Rooney of retail consultancy group 6one5 told the Herald Sun that his real estate contacts have been approached by H&M in both cities, and word on the street is that they’re looking to roll out 10 stores nationwide.

Next up, Uniqlo and Forever 21. Just let’s not forget about our comparatively fragile local labels in all the excitement, hey?