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The V&A Teams Up with Coast for an Exclusive Ballgown Collection

Last May, we eagerly attended and reported on the Ballgowns: British Glamour since 1950 exhibition at London’s famous Victoria and Albert Museum, which featured an array of iconic pieces such as the late Princess Diana’s pearl encrusted Elvis style suit and memorable pieces of Alexander McQueen couture. Although the exhibition has sadly closed, we are excited to report that British high street retailer Coast has teamed up with the V&A to create a capsule collection of gorgeous dresses that have all been inspired by the exhibition.

Coast is all about creating stunning occasion pieces that are perfect for special events in your life, so this collaboration is a perfect fit. The collection is comprised of six dresses that encompass the charm and elegance of the past century. Such an extravagant collection doesn’t happen overnight; it took a year for the head designers at Coast to search through the V&A’s extensive archives of vintage dresses.

To add to the lavish feel of a 1950s ballgown, Coast adopted the techniques of couture design houses from the 30s and 50s whilst constructing the dresses, which means that the gowns’ insides are just as extravagant as their exteriors. The detail on all of the gowns is utterly remarkable, and if you look at the Blanche Dress (above left, £550) for example, it has 280 petals just on its bodice, which alone is an indication of just how much work has gone into these gems. The Pheobe Maxi (above right, £695) looks all the more intricate.

The gowns from this collaboration range from £550 to £895 and are being dubbed as modern day pieces of history that you’ll never want to throw away. If you’re intrigued, check out Coast’s site for more info here. We particularly love the Lottie Maxi dress, £695 (above left) and the Patience Maxi £895 (above right) as we can already imagine our favourite Hollywood stars gracing the red carpets in them.