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The New Face of Saint Laurent Mens? Marilyn Manson

Stylist and designer Nicola Formichetti posted the above photo to Tumblr earlier today. Yes, that is what Marilyn Manson looks like posing for Hedi Slimane's Saint Laurent lens. 

The shock rocker and legendary French fashion brand make strange bedfellows, and I expect that some of our readers might be particularly resistant to what has seemed like a total disavowal of Yves Saint Laurent's established schtick in service of Slimane's unapologetically Slimanish (esque?) vision. Whether you feel that way or not will correspond exactly, I think, to how you've felt about the other decisions the new designer has made since taking over at the label. If you haven't liked Slimane rebranding Saint Laurent and relocating to L.A., if you haven't championed his collections, this ad probably makes you a little queasy. (I totally get it, I just had some deviled eggs.) If you're in that camp, the best way to preserve your sanity in the coming years is to let go, move on, detach whatever emotional stuff you have invested in the most recent iteration of (I can't believe I'm not technically allowed to call it this) YSL