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Red Alert: It’s April Fools Day

The first thing I did when I went online today: look up how the Internet was trying to deceive me. When it comes to April Fools Day pranks, awareness is the best form of deterrence.

"The new scentsation in search?" Try harder, Google Nose.  

I didn't even flinch when I read about American Eagle's new line of Skinny Skinny jeans

Pranks are bouncing off my April Fools Day armor and I am so proud of myself it's a little sick. 

But when our friends at Wilhelmina sent over a video introducing their new talking comp cards — "Watch: A Revolutionary Technological Achievement," the email read — I almost believed it, but then I glimpsed the timestamp and thought to myself, "Like, what's the ROI on affixing a talking toggle switch to the modeling equivalent of a business card?"

Remember kids: It's April Fools Day; trust no one. 

Wilhelmina's fiendish(ly cute) video below: 

Watch: Introducing a Revolutionary Technological Achievement