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Is Nicola Formichetti Heading to Diesel? [Update: Yes]

(4/3) Yesterday we learned that designer Nicola Formichetti and label Thierry Mugler were going their separate ways, sad news for anyone that loved seeing Lady Gaga's right hand man at the head of the French brand. "Bueller."

Probably he now needs to find another job, and Mugler needs to find a new head designer. Cue speculation. 

Page Six is on it: sources tell the great defender of free speech and back-scratching that Formichetti is a hop/skip/step away from being named creative director at Diesel. Possibly those sources are lying, just saw the designer "palling around" with the denim company's founder, Renzo Rosso at Edun's Fashion Week party.

If the story's true, it's a a genius move: Formichetti has the hair of a Diesel designer and Diesel has little to no substance. 

It would be so nice and peaceful if everyone made a pact to stay in their current jobs for, let's say, one or two years. We could focus on developing that series of fashion dog memes I'm rooting for, start a book club, watch Taylor Swift grow up. 

[UPDATE 4/4: Formichetti's new position at the denim brand was confirmed today — congratulations! In an interview with Business of Fashion, founder Rosso sounded really optimistic about the changes in leadership: "Diesel has never had a single creative director before, but now as I spend more time managing the group, I need to put the right people in the right job. And Nicola is the right man for this job." Vote of confidence is all you can ask of a new boss. Now just fingers crossed the designer stays put for a little while.]

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