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Western Canada Fashion Week in the Twittersphere

Those industrious folks at the Edmonton Journal who, I guess, could be thought of as the official news hound for Western Canada Fashion Week, has released a really cool, interactive bubble graph that explores all the tweets sent out during Western Canada Fashion Week.

Aside from the most obvious #fashion and #show, some of the most tweeted terms included #fantasy, #leather and the fashion favourite adjective, #fabulous. But what was it that had fashoinistas screaming the clichéd descriptors throughout the event?

One of the must-see shows was Malorie Urbanovitch, a MBSU finalist at World MasterCard Fashion Week last October, who went against the grain and hosted the first ever offsite fashion show at WCFW (held in the Mercer Building in Edmonton’s trendy Warehouse District).

Urbanovitch's collection was all about soft pleats; neutral shades of cream, grey and teal; silk slips and knee-high socks. Of course, she also has her ready-to-wear line, to which she could potentially be adding handbags (!!) in the near future.

Another designer to gain social media buzz was Nicole Campre, who won WCFW's emerging designer competition in the spring of 2012. Campre blossomed from fashion underdog to fighting bull with her Fall 2013 collection that included regal gold and maroon fabrics, faux leather panelling, long maxis and chunky knits wrapped around the waist.

Though WCFW has experienced its fair share of growing pains, it's clear that this season has gained more traction — social media or otherwise —however, many detractors would still argue that Canada would be better placed to lob all its eggs in one basket and entertain one single fashion week. What do you think?

Image via Edmonton Journal