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Asda’s G21 Talent Collection: Supporting Emerging Design Talent

The British retailing giant Asda is a firm supporter of emerging design talent, and is a regular official supporter of the Graduate Fashion Week initiative. Its links with the event means that they source the very best designers of tomorrow immediately upon graduation, and ensure that they are on hand to offer them all of the support and guidance that they will need in order to have a successful career in fashion.

Asda has just launched the G21 Talent Collection, which features the work of five emerging designers that Asda was able to choose subsequent to its GFW links. The plan is to change the five designers each year, and therefore continuously give the best of new design talent the chance to show off exactly what they can do.

The G21 Talent Collection aims to bring the feel of the catwalk to the high street, and most excitingly, as it’s Asda, the whole collection is available at low bargain prices. Its launch has just begun to filter through to their site with work from graduate designers Chloe Jones, Claire Acton and Susanna Yi.

Each of the designers demonstrate their different signatures, so the G21 Talent Collection makes for quite the varied shop for the customer. For instance, Claire Acton is (above left) channelling her Sixties love child with bold graphic prints and Sixties silhouettes, and has designed a particularly cool statement tee featuring a face that definitely resembles iconic supermodel Twiggy.

Ying’s pieces (above right) are also set to be an utter sell-out, as her use of digital graphic prints on blouses and trousers emulates something that wouldn’t look out of place amongst high fashion McQueen pieces. Plus, with tempting price tags ranging between £10 and £16, it really is a hard one to resist.