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Look, It’s Taylor Swift On the Cover of Wonderland

Last month, WWD reported that despite her ubiquitous presence on newsstands and the whole fact of her being a global pop sensation — when it comes down to the numbers, Taylor Swift's face doesn't sell magazines like hotcakes. Assuming that British culture magazine Wonderland secured a shoot and interview with the pop star more for the sake of its bottom line (and to broaden its appeal) than to be like, original, this cover may prove to be a disappointment. 

Or not! Taylor Swift is Taylor Swift, but this cover, photographed by Tung Walsh, is striking and fresh. It would catch my eye at the magazine store. I'd even pick it up and flip through it. (I probably wouldn't buy it but then, I'm stingy.) 

And as Honeycombchild noted in the Fashion Spot forums, the pop star might seem overexposed in the US, but this "marks only her third UK cover? Pop, InStyle and now Wonderland?" YoninahAliza points out that Swift also recently covered Marie Claire UK.