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Marc Jacobs Turned 50 Today — See Him at 26

Speaking of attractive male fashion designers, Marc Jacobs is no Tom Ford but his rippling muscle-y chest (pictured) definitely puts him in the safe zone, looks-wise. Jacobs turns 50 years old today which is not surprising because that's exactly how long he's been alive.

Stéphane Sednaoui/Coca-Cola via WWD

As you might have noticed in the paparazzi photo that circulated yesterday which showed the designer and his 25-year-old porn star boyfriend making out in miniature speedos on a Rio beach, Jacobs is living it up. (Also yesterday: questions about "jerk[ing] off" figured prominently in a red-band clip from the designer's acting debut.) Youth might be wasted on the young, but nothing's wasted on Marc Jacobs.

Anyway, here he is in 1989, when he was 26: 

Image via Getty

Behind that coy, mischievous grin, we can only imagine what he was thinking: Can 26 still be considered mid-20s, or is it definitely late-20s? Do those fabric swatches offset my camel wool turtleneck? Would this picture be better if I was shirtless? Will I ever realize my dream of getting a sketch drawing of a couch tattooed on my hip? (Spoiler on all of those: yeah.)

After all my gentle ribbing, I just feel like I have to say, flat out: HAPPY BIRTHDAY Marc Jacobs — you're perfect and I hope you never change.