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My Condolences to Miley Cyrus Fans (V Magazine Summer 2013)

Miley Cyrus has a lot of devoted fans, but even if you count yourself among them, you'll have to agree that her just-released V magazine covers are, at best, disappointing. Since the pop star looks uncharacteristically confused, distant and awkward, I'm just going to assume that one of the V interns spiked all the coffee with hallucinogens the day of the shoot.

That would explain the following: Miley's hair spiked à la Backstreet Boys reunion tour and dyed Halloween candy vomit-colored; the world's worst-ever pun accompanies the images ("Go the extra Miley!"); one of the covers has her carrying a giant orange tote (graffiti-taped with her name for the added benefit of any V readers that have spent the past five years living under a rock) in her mouth (sending a terrrrible message about tooth care); A PHOTO OF MILEY HIKING UP HER UNDERWEAR TO SHOW HER CROTCH.

But maybe V's just trying to reflect the risks the pop star's taking with her style? As she tells the glossy: “I’m going to change, I’m going to be different, I’m going to do what I want to do. I chopped my hair and bought a pair of Docs and never looked back.” That pull quote could totally be a Taylor Swift song. 

Images Mario Testino for V Magazine