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Cara Delevingne Covers the First-Ever ‘Miss Vogue’ (& Kate Moss Covers Mother Title, British Vogue)

Back in January, British Vogue announced that it would be launching a 127-page supplement, Miss Vogue. Though the new title launches with its mother glossy on May 6, the publication will feature separate original content aimed at teenagers and the forever young.

The debut cover was released online this morning and it pitch-perfectly features British model Cara Delevingne, as photographed by Angelo Pennetta. Delevingne has her detractors, but her high fashion cred and quirky, playful sense of style makes her the ideal choice for the new Vogue title. 

Advocates for seeing more models placed on mainstream fashion magazine covers should be doubly happy: even though Kate Moss is a celebrity in her own right, she's still one of the original supermodels and her May 2013 British Vogue cover (the counterpart to Cara's) is stunning. (Though the talon nails, Bardot tousle and cat-eye liner may borrow a little too much from the fashion stylings of Lana Del Rey.)

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