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Glamour UK Names Kristen Stewart ‘Best Dressed’ for the Second Year Running

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Kristen Stewart beat out Emma Watson, Kate Middleton, Emma Stone, Taylor Swift and every other woman in the world for the top spot on Glamour UK's Best Dressed Women of 2013 list. Now, despite the fact that the actress topped the British publication's 2012 list as well, people's heads are exploding Internet-wide. 

Here are some of the reactions on Twitter:

Let's set aside the actress' past indiscretions and talk about the issue at hand. Even if you love Stewart (as I do) and hate seeing people come down so hard on her for winning something (it's not like she nominated herself), you'll have to agree on at least one point: she was a surprising choice. Next to runner-up Emma Watson, who's never stepped out in public looking anything less than picture-ready, it's practically Stewart's hobby to show up on red carpets with unwashed hair, weird printed pants and a glower. Despite her close relationship with former Balenciaga designer Nicolas Ghesquiere, she seems to resent the red carpet and the fashion community more than most starlets — and that makes her awesome, but it's not clear that makes her best dressed.