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Monsoon’s Anniversary Heritage Collection Finally Launches

High street favourite Monsoon has come to be a brand with an easily recognisable identity, and by this, we mean that Far Eastern feel that oozes from its garments and accessories. Monsoon believes that this feel was initially captured back when Monsoon began sourcing its fabrics from India, Afghanistan and the Far East, and it’s a theme that still defines the brand despite its team of designers now gathering inspiration from around the world.

For its 40th anniversary, Monsoon celebrated with a competition at the Royal College of Art Fashion and Textiles. They challenged first-year students to design a range of prints and garments that remained true to the Monsoon signature to create a special anniversary collection. Just launching in stores, the winning designers from the college were Jessica Edwards and Kyle Spires, who derived inspiration from archive textiles and silhouettes with a nod towards Indian block printing.

Check out Monsoon’s limited-edition Heritage collection online here, and yes, that is Amber Le Bon you see modelling the collection. Such a great prize for a first-year student to receive!

Eastern prints reign supreme on the Deepa jacket, £89, and Deepa kaftan, £79, whilst intricate floral woodblock printing techniques have been utilised to create the dainty  Woodblock paneled skirt, £65.