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Canadian Women and Their Hairbrained Obsessions

There's nothing I love more than a good solid statistic, but I'm not sure about how much stock to put in this one. According to a recent survey conducted by John Frieda, 39% of Canadian women have worked from home, stayed home from a party or worn a hat purely because of a bad hair day! That's absolutely crazy. Hairbrained, even. The study was from a sample of 1006 women, all aged between 18 and 64, who are also Angus Reid Forum panel members; however, with a figure like that, it's almost implying that more than one in three women will put their life on hold for the sake of their untamable mane.

Another interesting fact that stood out from the survey is that 58% of Canadian women colour their hair, but Quebec dips into the die more than any other province with 66% (BC in the lowest at 49%). The majority of these hair colour practitioners indulge in their least favourite pastime at home (51%).

I can't say I find these numbers surprising, but being at the crossroads I am in life (the silver-lined ones), I so hope less women would colour and embrace the grey. For years and years I coloured my hair, until the damage and slavery to my roots forced me to go cold turkey two years ago. Since then, I've sported my natural mousy brown, but as the silver creeps in, I ponder whether I should again hit the bottle. That is, until I read articles like this or see photos like these of Kelly Osbourne and Pixie Geldof:


Naming male silver foxes is easy (George Clooney, Anderson Cooper, Richard Gere anyone?), but as liberating as it seems, how many of us women are really brave enough to grow grey gracefully? Should we feel more confident in our decision to go au naturel and show off what I like to call grey hair, our wisdom? Does one's ability to celebrate silver demonstrate a new age feminism akin to the burning bra scenes of yore? Sound off about this fashion grey-area in the comments below!

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