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The Future of tFS is Here … Tomorrow

A couple of days ago, I told you to keep an eye out for some changes to tFS. Well, the first big chunk of improvements to the site are rolling out tomorrow. 

Everyone knows the tFS Forums are great, but now they're going to be even better because we're giving them a whole new look. The boards will be running on an upgraded platform, with tighter security and better usability. Here's what that means for you:

Less clutter

The Forums are going to look better than ever. We're bringing the design up a notch (or two) to match the high fashion conversation that lives in the threads. You'll also notice that we've cleaned up the header section and moved advertising around, so you can get to the discussions you care about faster.

Albums and social groups

As part of the upgrade, you now have the ability to create albums and upload your own images. Which means: no more hotlinking necessary. Also, the new Forums will have a social groups capability, which will allow you to create groups to share albums and conversations with your friends.

A slight hiccup 

In upgrading the platform, we did lose something: old buddy lists and profile comments. These features will exist in the upgrade, but old buddy lists and comments will not. We understand this isn't ideal, but it had to be done so we could build a smoother running, more secure experience for you.

Old school

What if you prefer the current color scheme and decide you don't like the new design? We've added an option to switch back to the retro color scheme, with the new layout pushed down to the bottom of the page.

Psst… sneak peek 

You want to see the changes for yourself, don't you? Here's a sneak peek of the new design.

One more thing

Those are just some of the changes we have in store. We're also cooking up an exciting new homepage redesign launching this week. (We can't help ourselves: here's a sneak peek.)