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Abbey Lee Kershaw Removes Clothes in the Name of Gun Control, Almost Has a Punk Moment

Abbey Lee Kershaw, long-time advocate for both nudity and DIY, is now lending her body to a more commendable cause.

On Monday night, the Aussie model caused a stir at a Met Gala after party by indulging in a very literal interpretation of the evening’s "punk" theme, lifting her sheer Rag & Bone dress to reveal "GUN CONTROL" Sharpied across her torso. It would have been more punk if she’d done it on the red carpet a few hours earlier, but given then she’d also be running the risk of having her political statement drowned out by Miley Cyrus’ Guy Fieri-inspired hairdo.

Instead, Kershaw chose the Standard Hotel as the scene for her statement-making, flashing the message mid-dance alongside Mad Max co-stars Nicholas Hoult and Riley Keough.

There’s no question of whether or not the move was contrived (the pre-gala photo posted to photographer Cara Stricker’s Instagram (right) shows the letters carefully outlined on the model’s stomach), but it’s still punk to diligently plan your evening and outfit around a diluted display of rebellion, right? Well, more punk than frosted tips anyway.

And while we’re on the subject of hair, can we take a moment to appreciate Abbey’s newly brunette locks? They ought to translate into editorial just as well as they do into a rat tail, and it’s about time she made her way back onto our radar for doing things that involve putting clothes on rather than taking them off. 

image: Instagram