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Georgia Hardinge’s Collection for River Island

London-based designer Georgia Hardinge has just teamed up with high street favourite River Island on a new limited-edition collection. As part of River Island’s Design Forum for 2013, the collaboration is set to fly off those shelves.

Hardinge’s signature style encompasses an aesthetic that is both avant garde yet wearable, and her collections are often inspired by her love for architectural shapes and sculptures, which is exactly what we are seeing with her River Island collection.

The collection is comprised of just fourteen pieces with a 2D greyscale pattern that’s key to most of the designs, which totally takes us back to those hours spent shading objects back in art class at school. Hardinge likes to form landscape shapes that accentuate the female silhouette and this kind of shading does that perfectly.

We love the printed crop top (£35) and the printed cut out wedges (£60). If you fancy checking out the entire collection, head over to River Island’s site, where you can also peruse her gorgeous maxi skirts and clutch bags.

This designer is definitely one we’ll be keeping an eye on, and we’re guessing that this is something that the celebrity world is already doing as she’s recently been commissioned to create bespoke outfits for musicians such as Alicia Keys and Jessie J. So, keep this one on your fashion radar!