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There’s Something Different About theFashionSpot


We told you there were big changes coming to tFS and well, now they have arrived. Here they are, all around you. On behalf of the editorial team, we hope you love the new "look" (scare quotes on behalf of myself) as much as we do and are excited about what's to come. 

Just to go over some of the new updates (for more info about what's going on in the Forums, check out our earlier post):

  • GIANT ATTRACTIVE IMAGES all over the site. Supersize pictures. Big, juicy, delicious visuals. We hope you find them pretty and chic. 
  • New Disqus commenting system: Easier for you to join in on the conversation and give us feedback, easier for us to keep track of what you're saying and respond. The bad news: It will not cure any major diseases or even the common cold. Also bad: we lost all your old comments as part of the changeover. We mourn the loss of your sweet loving words. Help us move on, give us some new ones (comments). 
  • Last thing: As part of the upgrades, we've also refurbished our various social media accounts. Not to brag, but our Facebook and Twitter accounts look amaaazzzzing (I lied about not bragging). You should go marvel at them, and give us a follow if you're not doing so already. Also worth noting: our Pinterest is so Pinteresting. And we have a newish Instagram you might like (especially if you like to look at photos of my cat my manicure profane jewelry) and a Google Plus that's so new it was practically born yesterday, but already it's dying to be in your "circles." 

Look around, enjoy, let us know what you think of my cat.