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Gossip Girl Designer Eric Daman is Century 21’s New Spokesman and Guest Stylist

Eric Daman and Leighton Meester

Eric Daman and Leighton Meester / via Getty

Eric Daman was one of the first celebrity stylists. The Emmy-award winning costume designer got his start working with Patricia Field on Sex and the City before graduating to his own show, Gossip GirlHis success at the CW series led to another project, The Carrie Diaries. (I've been pretending the new series, which just got renewed for its second season, doesn't exist, but it has fans. I've seen some on Tumblr.)  

Throughout Gossip Girl's loooong run, Daman's work styling outfits for the show launched countless standalone blogs dedicated to Blair and Serena's weekly wardrobe changes. On general interest fashion sites (like this one) shopping roundups either inspired by or explicitly recreating Gossip Girl outfits were a reliable crowdpleaser when the show was on air (sometimes, even in the off-season). For such a crummy series (sorry, but it's true: Gossip Girl had plotlines so convoluted it was insulting and no real sense of humor — or heart), people were obsessed with it. I watched all six seasons. 

Hoping to capitalize on Daman's vast appeal, Century 21 tapped Daman as their new spokesman and brand ambassador, as part of the discount retailer's guest stylist series (which launched last Fall with television personality George Kotsiopoulos). Century 21 is a cult shopping destination the way Target is a cult shopping destination — light on the "cult," heavy on the hype. The department store does have some high-quality designer pieces at crazy-deep discounts, but you have to contend with a swamp of near-crap and a competing swarm of bargain hunters (the downtown Manhattan location on the weekends is not for the faint of heart). 

Still, Daman might be a moderately famous, successful person, but he still feels like an "of the people" fashion fanboy. His approach to fashion is energetic, fun and pointedly accessible to regular girls, a perfect fit for Century 21's savvy-is-chic brand.