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What Was Cara Delevingne Doing at Cannes? (Besides Wearing a Smoking Hot Dress)

Cara Delevingne at Cannes

Cara Delevingne at Cannes / via Getty

I realize this is theFashionSpot and not theCaraDelevingneSpot, but there's a reason the British model has a whole army of fans Tweeting on behalf of her various body parts (@CarasLeftTheigh, @CarasDimples), items of clothing (@CarasOnesies, @CarasHats) and presumed level of sexual experience (@CarasVirginity): Delevingne works hard to keep herself in the spotlight. 

Delevingne so active on social media you'd think she didn't have a life; when she goes out with Rihanna, she makes sure to get photographed; she does not show up to high-profile red carpet events underdressed, like that time (yesterday) she went to Cannes for no reason except to wear a SMOLDERING deep-V gown and let the tabloids work themselves into a frenzy about whether or not she was invited to the film festival as Leonardo DiCaprio's date. The Great Gatsby star's favorite hobby is dating beautiful blonde teenagers (not quite libel: DiCaprio's recently been linked to Blake Lively, Alyce Crawford and Kendal Schuler — Lively is by far the oldest of this crew, and she had just turned 24 when she and DiCaprio broke up), so it wouldn't surprise me to learn that he was pursuing Delevingne, but she actually seems (despite the allegations of drug use and stuff) too sensible to care about the creepy old guy who got famous from being in Titanic, which came out when she was 5. 

This is all to say: Who cares why Cara went to Cannes, unless it's because she needed a place to wear her insane Burberry lace dress.