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Canada’s Only Men’s Fashion Week Enters Third Year

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Between Toronto Fashion Week, Vancouver Fashion Week and all that expansive land from coast to coast, there are very few fashion spectacles available to men. Sure, you'll see the odd suit and tie parade, or the occasional male model interspersed among the waify female clothes horses, but overall it's a woman's world. At least it is for now as Jun Ramos — the Founder and Creative Director of Men's Fashion Week — strives to address the lack of platforms for menswear designers to showcase their brand.

Ramos is again bringing his calendar event back for its third year come this August 9 – 10. Based in Vancouver, Men's Fashion Week is Canada’s only menswear show, though it gets bigger, better and garners more attention every year.

Nicole Guzzo, Men's fashion

"Our aim is to put a spotlight on established and emerging Canadian menswear designers and be the bridge for international designers to break into the Canadian market," Ramos commented. "I have great hopes for the fashion industry and vertical businesses in Vancouver. It's time to look in the mirror and ask ourselves what our intentions are. Let's be real Leaders, not just in title. Let's go beyond the four corners of our offices and think how we can help improve Vancouver… the city where I live… and the city that I love."

For 2013, the shows are going to be a noticeable improvement on the past, not least because it's relocated to a bigger venue, but also because the event has attracted new sponsors and designer from across the globe.

Some of the featured designers this year include Zuzana Hrubosova, who will unveil her unisex line Touch & Go, featuring special 3D applications that will inform blind and amblyopic people about size, colour and washing in Braille. Also on offer will be Nicole Guzzo's unapologetic, rock 'n' roll creations that continue to push the boundaries of fashion; while the sleek, classic suits of Steve Pelman of Samson Wardrobes suit makers will validate its 60-year reign as one of the true menswear icons in Vancouver.

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Images via Men's Fashion Week and Nicole Guzzo