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By the Way, This Saint Laurent Dress Cara D’s Wearing Costs $68K

Cara Develingne for Saint Laurent

Image: Facebook/YSL

There's an old saying that once you've seen a $61,000 polyester jacket, you've seen everything. Still, $68,000 for an embellished baby-doll dress (pictured above on model Cara Delevingne for Saint Laurent's Fall 2013 campaign) seems steep.

That's the mindboggling price reported in an article about the opening of a new Saint Laurent store in Soho. It's extra jarring because these kinds of prices are seemingly the new norm at the French fashion house: just a couple weeks ago, we spotted an 80% polyester jacket from the label which listed at a similar price point. 

It's hard to imagine a customer willing to spend years of college tuition on items that are so trendy, they're already out of style, but as I wrote recently, prices at luxury brands are determined by analysts (sometimes against a designer's wishes) according to what customers will spend on a piece, not what it costs to produce it. 

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Image: Facebook/YSL