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Maison Marie Saint Pierre Web Exclusive Capsule Collection

Summer 2013 Capsule Collection

Summer 2013 Capsule Collection

Maison Marie Saint Pierre is a name any Canadian would be proud to throw into everyday conversation. Having been working in the fashion industry since 1986, the award-winning, Montreal-based designer has no less than two Montreal boutiques, two fragrances (found at Sephora), 30 full-time employees and has designed capsule collections for the likes of Reitmans, Maison Jean Houde, Bratz dolls and Lara Croft.

Last December, Maison Marie Saint Pierre launched her new online boutique and, following this new e-commerce approach, the house is now celebrating its first web exclusive capsule collection, which will be available for a limited time.

As with all Maison Marie Saint Pierre clothing, the collection is made of unique color combinations, well-crafted detailing and uncomplicated yet elegant looks. Simple draped silhouettes combined with graphic effects make up a dozen items includes dresses, tunics, skirts, tops and pants that will retail between $150 and $300.

It seems textile is the main inspiration used by Maison Marie Saint Pierre for the exclusive collection, where versatility and well-being meet movement. As a result, stretch tulle and silk georgette playfully combine with fabric transparency, without compromising on practicality. As Maison herself touts, the bonded fabric creates "a flow that is heavy yet light in a collection dominated by the concepts of faux-layers and faux-juxtaposition." Hey guys, did you know that she blogs?

Offered in various shades of black, chalky white and charcoal gray, the Summer 2013 collection is pigmented with splashes of brights to offer a more graphic yet subtle highlight intensity. And with new shipping tools, every Maison Marie Saint Pierre fanatic will be able to get their hands on the new creations, available in Canada and in the US.

Images via Maison Marie Saint Pierre