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Catherine McNeil is a Tattooed Glamazon from Space for H&M’s Summer Magazine

Every time Catherine McNeil reenters the frame of a camera, it’s labeled a comeback, if only because every time she does so is better than the last time. This time she’s reinvented herself as a tattooed glamazon from space who crash-landed in a desert. A ballsy backstory cooked up by no less than high street behemoth H&M.

It’s a bold move for the British chain, who you’d think would have gone into safe mode after (deservedly) feeling the wrath of Beyoncé for reaching the retouching tools. Perhaps leaving Catherine’s tattoos fully in tact and on fully display is their take on damage control – either way, we’re not complaining.  

The new campaign is titled ‘Fantastic Voyage’, and mixed in amongst the space blankets are plenty of wearable pieces that you might more readily associate with H&M. With this and a Dior eyewear campaign both done and dusted, we foresee a lot more ‘comebacks’ heading her way.   

For proof the campaign is all Catherine and minimal airbrush too, watch the behind the scenes video of H&M's shoot below.



Images: Fashion Gone Rogue