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Upcycled Fashion: Reclaim to Wear’s Second Topshop Collaboration

Over the years, sustainability and good ethical practice has been a growing concern within the fashion industry as a response to the rise of "fast fashion" retailers that create mountains of surplus stock. The tendency to shop vintage has helped along the lines of recycling, but that nowhere near solves the overriding problem.

That’s why we love the concept behind the company Reclaim to Wear, which creates on-trend clothing (just like those fast fashion pieces) using surplus stock, remnants and off-cuts from other fashion retailers’ leftovers. So, instead of recycling, they’re in fact upcycling!

Upcycling is a design solution that’s pioneering environmental change, and it’s something that you may already be familiar with when Reclaim to Wear collaborated with Topshop last year. The great news is that they’re back this year for a second collaboration with the high street giant via a summer capsule collection of the latest must-have pieces. 

The capsule collection is comprised of nine pieces using disregarded floral prints from previous seasons, and it’s all been produced in Britain. Our favourite piece from the collection has to be the grey oversized plant print blouse (below left) as you’d really never guess that it’d been upcycled from leftover stock. There were also some gorgeous matching high-waisted shorts available in the same print but they've already sold out, which shows just how sought-after the pieces are.

reclaim to wear blouse                 reclaim to wear dress 

Their clash panel summer dress (above right) is a great choice for those who like to rock that hippy vibe, and especially perfect for festival season. You can view the entire collection on Topshop’s site, and whether you love or loathe the pieces, there’s no denying that it’s a great concept that many more leading high street retailers should adopt.