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Modalu England Gives Its Iconic Pippa Grab Bag a Croc Finish for Fall

Pippa Middleton

Image: WENN

The English heritage handbag brand Modalu England is known for its iconic Pippa grab bag, which has been spotted numerous times on the arm of Pippa Middleton. She’s incorporated it into both relaxed and more formal outfits, which demonstrates the versatility of the piece.

It has a classic timeless style, which means it easily slips into an array of different looks and never goes out of fashion. Over the years, it’s been available in an array of hues from classic darker palettes to brighter, more seasonally directed tones.

For Fall 2013, Modalu England has just given the Pippa Grab bag one of its coolest makeovers to date, and it’s now available with a gorgeous high-shine croc finish. At the moment, you can pick up yours in a choice of black, nude or peacock on their website, or alternatively, you can save up you hard earned cash and splash out on the oxblood or lipstick colours when they become available in September.

pippa croc

It’s a steal at just £225, and it’s the ultimate no-brainer for those who want an on-trend piece this season.