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From Me to You: 3 Fashions Canada Gave the World

Roots Leather Wide

I often wonder about the influence Canada has on global fashion, if at all, which is why I thought it only right that I revisit some of the fashion essentials we're responsible for. That is, the three more prominent goods that have made an international impact…

Canada Goose Parkas

As seen on: The backs of all Torontonians, even if it's plus 10, as well as New Yorkers and any explorers who've ventured to the Arctic circle.

2012 was the year of the goose and things are only about to get more duck-filled in coming months as we near winter. This Canadian staple brand has expanded internationally in recent times, shipping its wares to the Swedes and peeps of Denver, Colorado as of 2010 where they have an office based in each. In just a decade, they've seen annual revenue grow by 3,500% as Canada Goose continues to build market share in Europe, the U.S. and Asia. Plus, they keep us damn warm!


As seen on: Middle class yogis of L.A., U.K. and anywhere that knows what a downward dog is.

Despite its recent struggles and ideology that men want to wear their stretchy pants, Lululemon is still a $10 billion yoga empire. They've achieved this through what's become known as the scarcity model, whereby they keep a minimal supply of stock, forcing customers to grab it while they can. All at the handsome price of $75 to $125 a pop. I personally fell out of love with Lulu when I discovered Gap's activewear (and Old Navy!) at a quarter of the price.

The Roots Man/Unisex Bag

As seen on: Alan in The Hangover

Roots is perhaps one of the most iconic Canadian stores and, though it's made little impact internationally, there is a boutique on Beverly Drive (adjacent to Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles). That may be where Zack Galifanikis' character, Alan in The Hangover, got his hands on the leather village bag, which has become the brand's biggest seller. I must, however, say that I have the exact same bag and my partner still protests against carrying it while my arms are full of shopping. Maybe it isn't so beloved by the XY-ers after all.