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Robert Pattinson’s $12 Million Contract for Dior Homme Consists of Sitting on a Roof

Image: Twitter/Dior

Image: Twitter/Dior

Over on Twitter, Dior posted the first campaign image of Robert Pattinson for Dior Homme Fragrance. Early reports promised foursomes, shirtlessness, tongues, model makeout sessions. The ad, pictured above, contains none of that. Since this is only the first image from the series and the French fashion house paid the Twilight actor well over $12 million to appear in this campaign, crazier stuff may still come.

But I'd just like to point out that those early reports originally appeared in The Sun. That's the same UK tabloid that dubiously reported that H&M dropped Cara Delevingne over drug use allegations. What I'm saying is, I don't know where The Sun is getting its information, but we can all say things and make them sound true. 

Like this: Robert Pattinson and I were totally texting while he was up there on that roof and he was like, "This is a fashion ad, where are the models? I was really hoping this would be my chance to get a photo of my tongue in Vogue, but they just have me sitting up here on this roof. Catering's okay though."