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Homework Assignment: Varsity Vogue for BoobyU

BobbyU Large

I can't say I've ever been to Toronto's annual Boobyball, but I know countless people who have and, from what I've heard, it's one fashionable night not to be missed. Especially this year's charity event, which is running with a varsity theme.

Set for Friday, October 18, with tickets on sale soon at, the 2013 soiree will attract the city’s best and brightest for a campus-crazed night. The toga-chic will sip Ivy League libations by Masters of mixology, alpha-beta-glam girls will be swarmed by pep-rally paparazzi and funky frat boys will get kooky on the dance floor. So Booby U will be like Animal House with a modern, sexy twist and one hot excuse to get your alma mater on in support of Rethink Breast Cancer.

Like I said, tickets will be on sale soon, but that doesn't mean it's too early to get a jump start on homework (yes, I was one of those kind of students) and plan your outfit! With that, I've curated a few varsity fashions and schoolgirl styles that are sure to put you at the top of the class and graduating with honours…