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Would You Spend $275 On This Key Ring from Barneys?



Barneys has taken the humble carabiner to the next level, as they say, with a sterling silver version (right) which retails for $275. The going rate for one that's not made out of a precious metal is about $8 at the mid-range. 

Caribiners have been a staple of hipster male fashion for years ("Keeping Their Keys in Their Pockets" was a 2010 entry in the then-popular Tumblr, Stuff Hipsters Hate), but were initially created for climbing sports, construction and industrial work. 

The appropriation of these items as key rings by bougie city-dwellers has attracted some criticism, because it's seen as a disingenuous way of invoking working class authenticity for people who are neither working class in the traditional sense, nor particularly authentic. 

And now it's only a matter of time before Barneys figures out how to sell handcrafted Murano glass Mason jars. 

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