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Rachel Zoe on the Future of Her Bravo Reality Show: “I Think It’s Time to Probably Move On…”

Image: Brian Bowen Smith for Capitol File

Image: Brian Bowen Smith for Capitol File

Following earlier rumors that Bravo's The Rachel Zoe Project may be canceled over low ratings, Rachel Zoe has confirmed that she's ready to leave behind the reality show that solidified her fame. 

"We’ve done five years. I think it’s time to probably move on," was how she put it in an interview with Capitol File, which ran a cover feature with the stylist for the DC-based publication's September Issue. "The Rachel Zoe Project was meant to be a show solely based on fashion and designers and all of that, and clearly it wasn’t. I was like, 'Oh, I don’t want my personal life on television.'”

Yeah, oops. Luckily, the stylist has come out the other end swinging: Five years after her show's premiere, Zoe now has her own fashion collection, a shopping newsletter and a baby.