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Miss Vogue Australia Tests the Rocky Waters of Print

hollyIf you’ve already completed the tiresome process of deciding which September issues deserve your hard-earned cash, better start over – Miss Vogue Australia is hitting shelves in print form on September 2.

The publication has, until now, existed only in digital form as part of the website. But with one foot still in the digital sphere, Vogue Australia is testing the rocky waters of print. Miss Vogue will be designed as a collectable and appear twice a year, with an app version available from August 30.

The mix of an app and a collector issue sounds like a recipe for success. 20-somethings aren’t becoming any less chronically addicted to their smartphones, but apparently print is now so retro it’s becoming cool again. Mother title editor Edwina McCann claims that the print craving is “almost like the nostalgia for vinyl. [Girls] still want it on the coffee table because it says something about them.”

McCann’s dream team is indeed one you probably wouldn’t mind speaking on your behalf. She poached Oyster editor Alice Cavanagh to helm the new title (Oyster’s own recent makeover included relaunching as a biannual and upping the focus on their already-awesome digital presence), while Vogue street style maven Christine Centenera will be acting as fashion editor.

"We've designed the Miss Vogue Australia experience of print, app, digital and social media touch points to work together as an exclusive multi-platform experience," Cavanagh said. "It is an incredible opportunity to engage with Vogue's younger readers in a new and inspired way. It's an entirely fresh concept in terms of content and the way in which it is being created and presented."

Vogue UK recently launched its own Miss Vogue, the debut issue fronted by Cara Delevingne and packaged along with Vogue UK proper, further hinting there’s a global hunger for the product. Our version will have 160 pages, a likely print run of 65,000 copies and a premium price tag of $9.95 (the first edition app is $2.99).