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Emma Balfour Plays an American Psycho for 10 Magazine


There’s no doubting it: The 90s supers are having a major glossy comeback. But Emma Balfour’s resurgence has been more of a slow boil. The waifish androgyne from Adelaide has flown relatively under the radar over the last decade, but has a consistent cult appeal that makes her able to pick and choose gigs such as Marc Jacobs and Alexander Wang runway appearances (Spring 2010, at the age of forty), Russh and Vogue Italia spreads and Dion Lee’s Line II campaign.

The most recent confirmation of her awesomeness is this shoot for 10 Magazine Australia – the Alison Veness spin-off of Britain’s luxury glossy. Titled ‘American Psycho’, it’s slicked up, monochromatic and reeks of the confident yet self-conscious, Zagat Guide-obsessed 90s. 10 Editor in Chief (and notorious Kate Upton hater) Sophia Neophitou was behind the styling, which makes excellent use of both sequins and mannish yet closely-tailored suiting. 

The new issue is out this week, but you can watch the shoot in action below. Ideally over and over, because you never know how long you’ll have to wait to get another Balfour-starring hit.