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OED Adds Twerk, Selfie, Girl Crush and More Digital Slang to Online Dictionary

Image: Getty

Image: Getty

The Oxford English Dictionary has added 65 new words pertaining to digital culture to its online dictionary. The fact that the most well-respected and comprehensive dictionary in the English language would deign to recognize words like "selfie," "srsly" and "FOMO" is seen by some as a sure sign that our civilization is in decline.

"This is why everyone hates those bratty millennials," writes Salon, "The Oxford Dictionary Online has yet again legitimized 20-something narcissism and Internet culture with the addition of words like 'twerk,' 'badassery,' 'selfie,' 'derp' and 'vom' to its online dictionary."

I too find it fairly ridiculous that a publication devoted to documenting the use of language would debase by … documenting the use of Internet language with its Internet dictionary. This is all definitely the fault of those narcissistic millennials who, strangely enough, didn't even invent the Internet — they just have to live with it.

You can see the full list of added words over on the OED's blog