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Link Buzz: Michelle Obama Style Summit; 12-Year-Olds Employed at Old Navy Jeans Factory

Image: White House Flickr

Image: White House Flickr

  • "Michelle Obama Gives a Speech but Distracts Us With Her New Highlights" [BellaSugar]

  • "Michelle Obama's Most Stylish Moments Yet" [FabSugar]

  • Simon Doonan: "Mrs. Obama is quite chic, but not sort of in a vain, self-involved way. I guess I was getting sick of people talking about her appearance all the time, and I thought it was very unfair to her and borderline insulting." [New Republic]

  • Rag & Bone does one of its DIY ad campaigns with 90s supermodels Erin O'Connor and Kirsty Hume. [Fashionologie]

  • Speaking of Rag & Bone… it's one brand featured prominently in this striking "contemporary classics" editorial in Industrie's latest issue. [FashionCopious]

  • The New York Times and Yves Saint Laurent Makeup's creative director discuss how to wear a 'heroin chic' beauty look to the office. 🙁 [NYTimes]

  • In an investigative report about working conditions at Bangladeshi factories, Al Jazeera discovered that 12-year-olds were employed at a factory that manufactures Old Navy Jeans. Gap (which owns Old Navy) has denied any connection to the factory. [HuffPo]