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LOFT Fit Clinics Aim to Solve All Your Pants Problems

LOFT Clinic

Finding that oh-so-perfect pair of pants is a challenge and, with fall fast approaching, the pressure is on to cover up those pins. But as with most clothing, manufacturers work to a standard size and, if you happen to be a pear, apple, ruler or hourglass, not every cut will suit your body shape. That’s where LOFT is taking action and embarking on a quest to tackle camel toes and muffin tops.

To help women find their perfect pant, LOFT has partnered with style and shopping expert Theresa Quick to host “Personal Pant Fit Clinics” at the Eaton Centre LOFT store.  Theresa will provide free one-on-one fit assessments and styling sessions in-store, helping ladies shop the 45 options of cuts, fabrics, colours and prints fit for any style or occasion.

After surveying more than 10,000 women over four hours, LOFT is extremely confident they’ve solved our pant fit issue by offering three simplified styles: “Marisa,” “Julie” and “Zoe,” which guarantee to fit every bump, hump and lovely lady lump. You can get your own assessment from Thursday, September 5 to Saturday, September 7 from 3 p.m. until 7 p.m. What’s more, on September 7, for every pair of pants sold in LOFT stores in Canada, LOFT will donate a pair of pants or other clothing item to Dress for Success, the not-for-profit company that provides professional work attire to disadvantaged women.

With news of its Fit Clinic, LOFT sent out a few sketches of common pants problems and their fixes, which you can check out below this post, as well as a video guide that you can view here. I may personally take them up on their Fit Clinic offer next week or else become one of those gals forced to purchase a Smooth Groove in the near future. Amiright?


Images via LOFT